Heat Pump Preventative Maintenance in Madeira, OH

Because your heat pump gets used in both during the winter months and throughout the summertime here in Ohio, these systems often work harder than a traditional HVAC unit. Over time, it’s not unusual for a residential heat pump to deteriorate, especially if it’s not being maintained properly by an expert heat pump technician. With this, repair bills can quickly stack up and you could end up paying far too much for heating and cooling.

At Madeira Heating & Air, we encourage homeowners to be proactive and prevent this problem from taking root in the first place. If you own a heat pump, you should have an HVAC technician perform maintenance at least once each year. Our NATE-certified heat pump experts at Madeira Heating & Air are local and fully insured.

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Schedule a Heat Pump Tune-Up + Check Out

Having a licensed HVAC contractor perform a heat pump tuneup at least once a year improves the performance of this hard-working heating and cooling equipment by reducing its energy consumption while lengthening the operating life of the system. Additionally, heat pump tune-ups help you avoid unexpected heat pump repairs.

If you own a heat pump, you should definitely want to keep it running at its best during the summer and the winter. Having a tune-up performed by a licensed HVAC technician from Madeira Heating & Air’s expert heat pump services ensures the efficient and effective performance of this dual heating and cooling system year-round. With a single visit, our local heat pump experts can curb your heat pump’s energy consumption and prolong its operating lifespan, making the equipment not only run better but last longer. During a maintenance visit, our heat pump tuneup technicians perform a wide range of cleanings, lubrication, inspections and equipment maintenance.

Heat Pump Tune-Up + Check Out Details

  • Check pilot assembly and ignition sequence
  • Check thermocouple or flame sensor
  • Check burner flame
  • Check humidifier and air cleaner
  • Check heat exchanger
  • Check for proper venting
  • Check fan control
  • Check safety device and electrical wiring
  • Check blower amp draw
  • Check belt (tension adjustment)
  • Check operation sequence
  • Check gas valve
  • Check and inspect the circuit board
  • Lubricate all accessible moving parts
  • Check for overall safe operation
  • Carbon monoxide safety test

4 Benefits of Heat Pump Maintenance

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Maintains Equipment Warranty

Your manufacturer’s warranty is something you should take seriously. Keep in mind most warranties come with fine print details that say only qualified HVAC pros should service your equipment and system. This goes for repair work as well as seasonal maintenance. Having an expert like Madeira Heating & Air perform maintenance will keep your warranty valid, which is essential should a part become defective or there be some sort of equipment malfunction.

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Prolongs Heat Pumps Lifespan

Regular maintenance makes a heat pump last much longer than units that are not maintained. Wear and tear often occur because it’s constantly running throughout the hot and cold months. Leaving any minor issues developing unaddressed shortens the HVAC unit’s service lifespan. In some cases, it can even put your home’s comfort level and the unit’s safety at risk. Annual maintenance (at least one time per year an expert needs to service your heat pump) is designed to catch and fix any problems early on in addition to keeping everything running the way it’s meant to. There’s a reason heat pump manufacturers require annual maintenance to keep warranties valid and that’s mainly because they want their product to last.

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Enhanced Health and Comfort

A heat pump’s performance can affect the homeowner’s comfort and health. Without regular maintenance from an expert like Madeira Heating & Air, it can put everyone’s safety at high risk in the home. Heat pumps can emit gas if it were to crack. Fire hazards can be created because of short-circuiting. With regular maintenance, all these problems are addressed early on, leaving the home more comfortable and safer.

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Lessens Likelihood of a Breakdown

An unexpected system breakdown is the last thing you want to experience when winter is in full swing here in Southwest Ohio. Regular maintenance helps reduce the risk of an emergency breakdown. This goes for any and all HVAC equipment. We perform an inspection, perform heat pump repair work. We adjust vital components in the unit, including blower motors, electrical connections, safety panels, and more. The service ensures overall that potential problems are prevented from happening in the first place once the season is underway.

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General Heat Pump Maintenance Questions & Answers

Do heat pumps need annual maintenance?

Heat pumps require a tune up two times annually to maintain proper performance and energy efficiency. It is highly recommended your heat pump maintenance services are performed by an expert HVAC technician in the spring and in the fall. Having said that, homeowners can get by having it performed a minimum of once a year. This allows us to identify small problems and correct them before they become major mechanical breakdowns that are far more expensive and inconvenient.

What sort of maintenance should I perform on my heat pump?

If you own a heat pump, you definitely need to be checking your air filters every month and changing them as often as necessary. Replacing the air filter is a simple process that takes little time and almost all heat pump owners can do it on their own. This needs to be done regularly because the heat pump’s air filter will collect a lot of dirt, dust and other impurities that can hinder airflow and cause damage. In addition to checking air filters monthly, the unit needs cleaned and cared for during the winter. If you have a heat pump, you want to keep your outdoor unit clear of snow, ice, and debris. This includes the top, sides, bottom, and around the heat pump.

How much does heat pump maintenance cost?

Let’s face it. The cost of paying an HVAC technician to go to a customer’s home with all the industry’s latest tools and equipment in a service van isn’t cheap. However, at Madeira Heating & Air, we make it work for homeowners. We promote maintenance for the benefit of our customers. In other words, this isn’t something we are making much money on. Heat pump maintenance costs are usually between $50 and $180, with an additional hourly rate ranging between $80 and $160 for additional labor on top of any replacement parts. This additional labor and parts would cost more as part of a repair visit. In any case, we art Madeira Heating & Air offers online deals and frequent specials for heat pump maintenance with discounted rates. We also offer Scheduled Maintenance Agreements or Preventative Maintenance Plans to lower the cost even more.

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